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Pump up the volume of Love in your heart!

Does hearing the news sometimes feel like it's breaking your heart? Does it leave you sad and dumbfounded? Do you experience "side effects" just listening to the drug commercials on TV?

It can be almost too much to bear. I know. I feel it, too.

How I Became a Love Warrior

There was a time when I was so deeply insecure. All the messages finding there way into my heart and mind had built up to create extremely tall walls around me. I compared myself constantly and tried to cover it all up with butterflies and rainbows.

I thought, "If I just think positively, only show the emotions that are acceptable, and somehow make everyone like me forever, then I will feel good about myself."

What a prison that was to live in.

I realized I had to do my own work, embrace my full self. Practice true Self-Love and radical acceptance. And for goodness sakes, not take everything so seriously!

Meeting my own dark side used to be scary. I would feel bad and then feel horrible for feeling bad.

I wouldn't go to the grocery store if I was having a bad day. I wouldn’t call anyone for help if I was down. Because I didn’t want anyone to see that.

Over the years, I've used so many tools to uncover my own deep well of love. You probably have, too. Through music and dance, ritual and play, books, movies, teachers and friends - through every experience I've ever had - I've learned to see the blessings, the lessons and the unlimited opportunities to love.

Being on the path of self love and teaching that, I couldn’t run away from myself. I matured and grew. 

I began seeing my own sensitivity as a gift.

I began to know, way down inside, how beautiful life is to feel so deeply through the bitter and the sweet. To know how everything is truly intertwined: connected, inseparable, one and the same.

Becoming a warrior of love means being committed to love your self through it all.

Are you ready? Join the growing tribe of Love Warriors all over the world. Start by downloading your free gift, the I Stand For Love Manifesto by clicking HERE.

Thank you, dear heart! It is an honor to be on this journey with you.

In Love, Sarah