Your words have so much power. Use them wisely.


Who am I?

Lover of life, not afraid of the deep end, maker of magic and art, friend of beings seen and unseen. 

Visionary behind the I Stand For Love movement and the creator of the Life Is Beautiful and So Are YOU! calendar, art and magic intertwine in all of my creations.  My belief in the power of love and the human spirit keep the inspiration flowing. 

I used to be crippled by insecurity and self loathing (now I'm just slightly disabled by it :)). Through 25 years of seeking, exploring, reading, dancing, healing, and mad acceptance I have come to a place where I can access self-love. 

It is truly a wondrous thing. I've discovered that, having tools to love myself during the great and the good, the bad and the ugly of life is the only way to fly.  

Humbled by this beautiful, tender, imperfect experience of being alive, I would simply love to drink tea all day, listen to music, talking with you about how fascinating and wondrous this life truly is. Some of my most favorite things are facilitating shifts in consciousness, hiking through lush landscapes, watching butterflies and pondering the beauty of it all. 

Join Team Love to make the world a more loving place! We can do this!

I'm IN!