Butterfly Session
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Personal Mantra
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I would love to bring out the butterfly in you!

Are you ready to emerge with your wings renewed?
Let me hold your hand through a 1 on 1 transformative process. We will meet virtually for an hour (3 sessions total) and nourish, clear and create through the guidance and wisdom of the caterpillar and butterfly.

We will call on all the power of Heaven and Earth to bless your life with exactly what you've been longing for.

Who are you underneath the old stories? Who are you ready to become?

Let's find out together on the Butterfly Journey!

Grab a spot in my schedule HEREcalendly.com/sarahlove/60min

“Sarah is a very gifted healer. I saw her at a time when I was feeling very stuck and ungrounded in my life, and I needed support, love and guidance. She lovingly brought through messages of wisdom I really needed to hear.”
— Anezka D.


Your mind is very powerful. Give it something powerful to work with and watch the magic unfold.

You've got infinite capacity for creating gigantic positive shifts in your life. You just need the right tools.

I've been writing daily mantras (a.k.a affirmations) for over 13 years and I would love to assist you to discover your own personal mantra. Together we'll zero in on the perfect words unique to you and your life experience.

All you need to do is answer two questions. I take care of the rest by tuning into the energy, listening deeply and drawing an Oracle card for you.

I'll send you a short video with your mantra and card reading explained, along with a photo of your personal mantra drawn by me.

You can then utilize your very own, tailor-made affirmation to dissolve your negative internal dialogue and access peace and self love in any situation.