Your love changes the world

Do you long for a more LOVING WORLD?

First let me thank you for being right here, right now. Every moment of your life is precious and I am delighted that you've found your way to these words.

I believe that who you are - your life - alters the entire world. You are so very powerful.

My guess is that you are someone who does believe in love. You want to feel love, you want to choose love, you give it generously (most of the time), and you want the world to be a more loving place.

So why does it feel like it’s not so easy (or even down right impossible) to keep love flowing in  your own life much less find evidence of love in the world?

“I Stand for Love" is a movement to create change on deep level.

I believe this is true: we have a power that we haven’t tapped into yet.  What if loving a little bit bigger, a little bit stronger was the answer to every one of the world's problems?

Taking a stand for love is not about putting a heart-shaped band-aid on a big gash of war and pain.

Your love reminds people that there’s hope and there’s change. Your loving choice reminds people that miracles can happen. Your optimism is contagious.

Become a Love Warrior.

It's time to turn up the volume in your heart.

We need to choose Love. We need to make Love part of the solution. We need to make Love a part of the political conversation.

We need to make Love the target, what we’re always aiming at.

We have to stand for Love.

Take a stand today.

You can start by downloading the free "I Stand For Love" Manifesto: 8 not-so-simple-steps to creating a more loving world.

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Always remember, Your Love Changes the World!

Big Love, Sarah