Custom Artwork

Have you ever considered having a piece of artwork made just for you or someone you love?

I absolutely ADORE making one of a kind, completely magical creations. I use a process of ceremony, consulting oracles and guides, and tapping into the recipients uniquely Divine energy field to bring into being a truly magical work of art.

"For my friends who have everything, this gift has brought them unprecedented joy and me, lots of hugs and appreciation" ~ I. AlHusseini

This is can be an extremely powerful way to honor a life event. 

Contact me HERE to set up a consultation about your custom artwork. I look forward to creating something extraordinary with you! 



“Sarah is and extremely gifted healer. I was feeling very stuck and ungrounded in my life, and I needed support, love and guidance.  She lovingly brought through messages of wisdom I really needed to hear." - Anezka D.

Personalized Ceremony


"Sarah encouraged me to identify and embrace my strengths, ask for what I want, and experience the beauty of transformation."  - Traci P.

Are you longing to feel profound magic in your life?

Do you need to honor and bless a change taking place?

Whether it's a joyful celebration or a big release of something
that no longer serves you, creating a ritual around your life event can have the most profound effect you can imagine.

Rites of Passage have all but disappeared in our culture. 

I believe that we can bring back balance and joy, even health and happiness through creating ceremony. 

It would be a pleasure and an honor to facilitate a shift for you using ritual as a tool for transformation.

Some examples of events that deserve some BIG magic:

  • Manifesting love inside and out 

  • Letting go of persistent, unfulfilling stories

  • Birth and Death

  • Relationship transitions

  • New career, home, etc..

  • Honoring your birthday

  • Marriage

Of course you don't need a logical reason to have a blessing or ritual. It could just be about honoring exactly where you are on your path. Just you being alive is reason enough!



Allow me to be the voice of your heart,
so that you can hear just how loved you truly are.