Hi, I'm Sarah Love.

I'm an inspirational artist, outrageous optimist, and the founder of the I Stand For Love movement. I believe that creating more love in the world starts from the inside and works it's way out.

The world we live in now needs an upgrade, and I believe that love is the answer. Really.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe and we possess infinite capacity for it. Love is the next level. It is also our very essence. 

Sarah Love Life is Beautiful

I think of a world where there is a love vibration humming in all of our hearts. I can feel that world. I feel how natural it is.

That's why I call myself a Love Warrior.

There was a time when I was deeply insecure.

I was always told I was too sensitive. Negativity found its way into my heart and mind. Over time I built up extremely tall walls around me because I thought that’s what I needed to do to get through life.

But that’s not who I was born to be. (And besides, it was no fun at all).

I realized I had to do my own work, embrace my full self. I had to practice true Self-Love and radical acceptance. With the help of music and dance, ritual and play, creativity and art, teachers and friends, I healed. The walls came down.

I began seeing my own sensitivity as a gift. I began to know, way down inside, how beautiful it can be to feel deeply the bitter and the sweet. To know everything is truly intertwined: connected, inseparable, one and the same.


Daily affirmations and mantras played a huge part in my own healing.

They taught me to see the blessings, the lessons, and the unlimited opportunities to love. That's why I use them in my art.

I believe we need repetition to combat the negativity we're bombarded with. We need daily reminders that Life really is Beautiful, and when we surround ourselves with love and we will feel more loving.

So, here’s my life’s work. It’s for you. It’s for me. It’s for all of us.


Meet Team Love


Nikki Bonsol
Web & Design love

Nikki is a pixel pixie who helps translate the art and heart of I Stand for Love into digital form so our message can spread all over the world. When she's not rocking Photoshop, you can find her singing and songwriting as our literal Rockstar of Love.

“I absolutely LOVE Sarah Love’s calendar, cards, and products! It’s so rare and wonderful to find material products which are truly created and infused with the Spirit of Love. They bring smiles to everyone who experiences them!” - Jonathan Y.