My creative process revealed :)

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Hi Love ,

Can you relate to being your own worst enemy sometimes? (please tell me I'm not alone). I've been deep in the creation process of next year's calendar (stay tuned for more on that next time!) and am flat out astounded to be face to face with my own procrastination 'techniques'. It's freaking funny how much time I spend preparing to do my work instead of actually doing it.

I've always been ashamed of just how much procrastinating I do, even (or especially) when I'm up against my own deadlines. 

Just for fun I made a list of all the things I did one morning to either distract from or get ready to make art.

It's liberating to out myself and I hope you  find comfort in it or get a good chuckle, at least. And hey, if you're a chronic procrastinator like me, don't worry, we are all in this together!

Here's my list:

Search Youtube for inspiring videos, watch one (or three)

Walk the Dog

Organize all art supplies, color coding markers

Build special altar for project with specific crystals, search all over the house to find the 'perfect' ones

Reread the intentions from last week when I was originally suppose to start project

Make sure all pictures are straight on the wall (no joke, i did that)

File fingernails  

Uh oh, really good song comes on Pandora so of course, stop everything and have a dance party

Look around for more dishes to wash

Burn something (incense, sage, etc) 

Pull a few cards to add to the altar

Bring out all stimulating essential oils from medicine cabinet and proceed to douse myself

Think about what's for lunch

Look through old journals for more inspiration 

START drawing (Oh boy I'm on a roll now!)

20 minutes later realize it really is time for lunch

Eat lunch

Take inventory just to make sure there's enough dark chocolate nearby to get through the afternoon of art making 

Burn something

Make another pot of tea

Check Facebook to see if anyone liked morning post

Start drawing (YES!)

Oh my gosh, I could go on! Seriously crazy amount of avoidance going on here. BUT within all that is the creative energy AND the golden opportunity to practice what I preach. 

Have you ever given someone REALLY great advice, only to realize as you hear your own words of wisdom that they are EXACTLY what you needed to hear yourself? Yea, me too. Like everyday. 

I make the Life Is Beautiful calendar because I want to create a more loving world. AND I make the calendar because I desperately need those same words of encouragement and support. I can be hard on myself like you wouldn't believe. I can judge and shame and pick apart everything I even attempt to do. It's crazy! At the same time, my mission burns in my heart and most of the time, my heart finally wins. 

SO if there is something you want to do, some whisper in your heart, don't worry about the process of getting there. Just keep that whisper alive. Just let that spark live on and somehow through the "2 steps forward 1 step back" dance of life, your heart will WIN. 

I would love to hear about any part of your creative process where you need a little extra juice. I'd be honored to put your project/dream/wish on my creativity altar and send some good mojo your way. 

As always, be kind to yourself and laugh as much as possible! Laughter truly is the best medicine. 

Sending creative sparkles your way,

Sarah Love