Putting it ALL on the table!

Hello Beautiful Soul,

How are you? I hope you're enjoying this wild adventure of life and finding time to relax, breathe and take good care of your sweet self. Sound far away from your reality at the moment? Well, let's take a big deep breath right now.......... Aaaaaaaaaaah. That can really be all it takes to feel more relaxed. Nicely done. 

This week I want to share with you some things I have never shared here before. 

You see, over the last few years I have been doing this dance of sorts where I come right out with a deep desire to connect and build a more loving world with you, all fired up and full of hope, and then I shrink back into my private life and get consumed by thoughts like 'who do you think you are?', 'no one really cares what you have to say' and the like. 

This has been a life long battle and holy moly, I finally feel like I'm winning! A few of those negative voices no longer convince me to shrink and hide. I am truly committed to building this dream of a more loving world into a reality and building a deeper connection with you as well.  

I've learned that deep connection takes vulnerability and authenticity, so this is my offering to you now. 

I want you to know what I do behind the scenes of creating the 'Life Is Beautiful' calendar. I want you to be in on the intention, magic and ritual that goes into all the artwork I do. I want you to know just how much I care about you and your happiness.  

And I want to show you how it all fits together. 

I get asked a lot how I come up with 365 unique positive messages for the year and most of the time my answer is "I'm not really sure, they just come to me". 

I say that because I'm afraid that going into detail about my process will make you think I'm crazy.

Well, walking through the fear is the only way to freedom. And I am a little bit crazy so here you go. This is how I do it.

First, I do a little time traveling.

Using Tarot cards and crystals, magic wands and Tibetan bells, I build a huge altar and tune into the energy of the coming year. This year's altar consists of 15 different cards and their messages from 6 different card decks. With that as my foundation 

I interpret the messages and find the common threads throughout.

This can take a few days.

And then I set to work. 

I have I candle that was lit by a candle that was lit by a candle that was lit by a candle that was lit by the Dalai Lhama

Every time I sit down to work on the calendar, I light a candle with this. I call upon higher beings, angels and ancestors to assist in the process. I get out of the way. 

I trust what comes through.  

The artwork for the top of the months takes all year. I make each month at a different time, tuning into different energies. Some I paint and collage, most I draw with pen. 

I pay close attention to the astrology of the coming year (you'll find the new moon and full moon indicated on every month) and also what days certain holidays fall on. 

I love to synchronize the message of the day with the energy of our time to help raise the vibration or bring extra awareness to something. 

For example, next year on Martin Luther King, Jr. day the message says 'Speak Words of Peace'. 

I read books, listen to music, have conversations and write down little morsels of wisdom that come through from others. I have developed this weird skill now where I can turn a chapter in a book into a four or five word phrase. These little phrases are scribbled all over my life and I panic if I leave the house without a pen. 

These juicy morsels becomes the daily messages.

Each day's message falls into place almost on it's own. They do not fill in like you might imagine in a straight line from Sunday to Saturday. I do one month at a time and usually not in chronological order. Each month, days simple start to fall into the right box and again I just have to trust the process and get out of the way. 

Even when I am in the photoshopping process, I build a little altar, light my candles and make some special green tea to assist in the creating.

Most of ALL, I fill the process with gratitude. I think about how grateful I am to make this art, how amazing it is to brighten your day and how much I deeply care about you living a LOVE-filled life. I created this as a dedication to love. I created this for those of you that have the courage to believe in love and I created this for those days when love seems distant and the roar of the un-loving world becomes too loud to hear your own truth. 

Your Love can change the world and I am here to remind you everyday to keep love alive in your heart.

Thanks for reading, dear heart!