The Meaning of Success??

Hello Love,

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to spend 4 days in Boulder, Colorado with some of the most amazing people on the planet right now. The event was called Success 3.0 and it brought together artists, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, musicians, CEOs, spiritual leaders, doctors, people from all over the world and many varied professions for the purpose of rewriting the story of success for our future.

Huge highlight was singing with Michael Franti and watching the debut of his new documentary coming out soon! Such an inspiring human being!

Michael Franit at Success 3.0 Summit

It was inspiring and motivating to say the least.

We as a culture need to move beyond the definition of success as the accumulation of wealth, achievement, toys, titles, status and having power over others, if we are going to move beyond the pain and suffering we see all around us and into a world that is sustainable and healthy for all.

What if it was a mark of true Success in our society to give generously, take care of other beings (humans, animals, trees, all of it), and be kind and loving in all of our business decisions?  That would radically change everything, wouldn't it?

Revrand Michael Beckwith at Success 3.0 Summit

Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, laying it down.

It was 4 days of revolutionary talks, incredible connections, deepening my commitment to the Love Revolution, topped with an epic Halloween party, lots of dancing, laughing and so much more. 

Many times from the stage someone I've looked up to and admired for years as being wildly successful in their chosen field would say something along the lines of "the new version of Success needs to include health, happiness, compassion and LOVE". 

This always gave me goosebumps or brought tears to my eye. 

Jack Canfield at Success 3.0 Summit

Jack Canfield! In my opinion, a living legend!

Barbara Marx Hubbard at Success 3.0 Summit

Barbara Marx Hubbard, a woman I've looked up to and admired for a few decades now. Love her!

I took it as a call to action to not only keep the Love Light burning strongly in my own heart, but to turn it up even brighter. 

Ibrahim AlHusseini at Success 3.0 Summit

My dear friend Ibrahim AlHusseini sharing his vision of alternative energy through the Full Cycle Energy Fund. Gives my hope for a future that works for all and is sustainable for reals!

The one and only Kate Maloney. A living example of Success 3.0 and beyond.

This is the conversation that is emerging. The change is happening now. We are here to make the change in the model of Success. You and I are truly the ones to put our hearts together and figure out what Success 3.0 looks like.

We've done Success 1.0 (survival mode). We've been living in a world over run by Success 2.o (more money, stuff, status, etc.. more more more, at the extreme cost of every other living thing on the planet). 

Now it's time for us to decide what is the new meaning of Success. What does success mean to you?

What would your life feel like if you reached that place?

Time to dream. Time to do. 

It's time to make this world out of our deeper visions and our hearts' desires. And it's time to SHINE your love light bigger and brighter, my friend.

Marc Gafni at Success 3.0 Summit

Marc Gafni spreading his outrageously loving spirit all over the place.

As I learned from Marc Gafni, (one of the driving forces and amazing visionaries behind the whole shebang), it's time to 

Wake UP, Grow UP and Show UP. In this world full of outrageous pain and suffering, the only answer is OUTRAGEOUS LOVE!

And you know I'm down with that!

So with 2015 fast approaching, I'm thinking about some seriously BOLD new creations to offer the world along with new ways to keep my body, mind and spirit aligned and deeply nourished so that I can be the Rockstar of LOVE I was born to be.

I'm declaring 2015 the year of the LOVE Warrior (more on that later) and I am getting laser focused on how I can throw my whole self at evolving the definition of success for all.
And of course, I would LOVE for you to join me!

By adding your uniquely creative self to this vision, we can participate in the change we want to see. We can leave a legacy of love and caring for many generations to come. Share any future visions or what success means to you in the comments below and let's get to visioning. 
Stay tuned for more inspiration and as always, thank you for being on this wild adventure of life with me!

Here's to your own wildly fulfilling success!

In love Sarah Love


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