Intentional Gratitude and the Power of your Dollars

Hello Loving Heart,

I just freakin' love Thanksgiving ~ when we focus on gratitude and giving thanks and being together. It's a powerful way to be. And I have SO very much to be thankful for! 

I mean life is so amazing and we are so privileged and blessed, it's kinda crazy, right?

Since my intention this year has been peeling back the layers of my true feelings and letting you into my wild adventure of life with all the authenticity I can muster, I'm not going to glaze over things today with a bland layer of thanks and giving... I'm going to come right out and say it. 

I'm deeply grateful and I'm a bit conflicted.

This is one of those holidays that brings up some mixed emotions for me. Do you feel it, too? I can't help but feel that little tinge of 'what is this really about?'.  I mean, who knows what happened at the first big thanksgiving feast, but what happened after that wasn't good.

AND it ties right into how I'm feeling in other areas of life. 

Did you know that I currently live in St. Louis, Missouri (about 15 minutes from Ferguson)? Did you know that I moved here on July 26th, two weeks before the shooting of Michael Brown? Did you know that I Stand For Love day was on August 8th and the shooting happened on August 9th? 

I've thought about all of this a lot. 

What is the purpose of me showing up here at this time?

That's a big question that I'm not even sure I know the answer to yet, but for now I've been searching for a way to make a difference... I've been searching for a way to contribute love to St. Louis. To throw my heart out there.

Where can I truly make an impact? Where can I add some loving energy that can actually transform the future of our culture so we don't have to keep reliving these types of situations over and over again?

And then it hit me like a TON of bricks!

It's all about the kids..We need to focus on the children

After that epiphany, I got right on it.. Doing research on local organizations and calling around to talk to folks on the front lines of helping local youth that are considered troubled, neglected and abused. 

It all fell into place so fast, I felt like I was being Divinely guided when I contacted an organization called Family Resource Center. They are putting presents together for these types of young people right here in St. Louis and are currently looking for donations for about 800 kids for their holiday gifts.

I was met with overwhelming gratitude by Tina when I told her about the Life is Beautiful calendar and how I recently moved here and my mission in life. She was surprised and delighted that I had called and was completely on board with the idea I rattled off to her.

This was it! A way to contribute to an actual life that could possibly effect the future for the better.

I decided right then and there that instead of some Black Friday discount or Cyber Monday sale, I would donate an actual calendar to an at risk youth for every calendar that is purchased from now through Tuesday, December 2nd (Giving Tuesday).

Here's a link to this wonderful organization. 

Do you want your gifting to make a difference in the world? Now's the time to purchase a LOVE filled gift for someone (maybe even yourself) and to know just how much your purchase can make an impact on the greater good.

Head over to the Shop-O-Love and get a calendar for everyone on your list. It's one stop shopping your heart and soul can feel great about.