Love your SELF through the holiday chaos?

Hi Gorgeous,

How are you? I hope you are feeling loved today. 

I wanted to chime in here and give you my 3 quick tips for staying in the LOVE-zone this holiday season. It can be such a lovely time, full of celebration, connection and fond memories.

It can also be a stressful time, full of pressure, burnout and not so fond memories.
How do you balance it all? How do you take care of yourself and nourish that deep inner well, when there are so many demands and what feels like so little time?

I invite you to try these 3 things:

1. Right now, grab your calendar and block out some time between the 19th and 24th that is non-negotiable down time. DO IT. If you can make it a whole day, that would be best.. If not, at least a morning, evening or afternoon (or 2), that's for recharging your battery in whatever way floats your boat.

This will not only help you feel renewed when you get to that day, it will help you in those stressful moments knowing that you've got that down time in your schedule to look forward to.

2. SLEEP. period. Whatever you can do to get more if it, say yes. Turn your screens off at least an hour before bedtime. This really helps the body shut down and know it is time to rest. 

3. Say NO to at least one obligation you really don't want to do. All the holiday parties, gift exchanging, etc. can feel impossible to get out of, but that is simply not true. If there is something you've said YES to that you, deep down inside, are dreading and don't want to do, change your plans and say No thank you instead.

Permission granted.

This is about making space for relaxation, enjoying the parts of the holidays thatlight you up and creating a few new traditions that are more about your presence than they are about presents. 

Make time for yourself and marvel at the shift you create in your life. You will be more alive and rested and therefore have more fun during the holidays. It's your life, so take care of YOU.

Hope that helps.

Here's to a truly Happy Holidays!