Couldn't wait to give this to YOU!

Hello Beautiful,

I'm taking next week off to travel, be with family and celebrate this special time of year, so I wanted to get the gift of this magical Rainbow-Sparkle-Kitty-Unicorn-Butterfly straight over to YOU today. Just in time for whatever holiday it is you're celebrating. 

My wish for you is to believe in the inherent MAGIC that YOU ARE and nothing could sum that up better than this crazy-awesome image.

I have no idea who created it, but I'm delighted they did! It makes me giggle and feel happy all over.  

May the next two weeks be blessed with tons of Self-care, a whole lot of sweet moments with ones you love and extra deep breaths to nourish you on every level. 

It's a powerful time, one of transformation and unlimited potential. Don't be afraid to wish on a star, believe in miracles and experience epiphanies in the most unexpected places.

May you recognize the love that YOU ARE and feel love surrounding you. Thank you, dear heart, for beautifully being YOU.