You are SO Amazing!

Hi Love,

How are you? I hope these words find you at just the right moment to bring a little bit of love and positivity to your day. Has anyone told you lately haw amazing you are? Well, let me tell you now. YOU are freakin' AMAZING!

Seriously, when you were born the whole world was forever changed.  Let's just stop for a minute, take a deep breath and repeat after me... "I am SO amazing."

Did you say it? I hope so. Let's try that again "I am SO AMAZING!"

Nice. Good job. It's true. And in my book, you being here on this Earth is an absolute miracle and a blessing. You may not always feel like a blessing, but I can assure you, you are. 

Throughout all of time (like since time began!) and ALL of space (I am talking about the entire Universe here) there has only ever been one YOU. 

You are the one and only YOU and that is pretty dang amazing, isn't it?

During the precious last month of 2014, I invite you to keep this in the front (or at least on the side) of your mind. Whatever this month holds for you please try to remember your sheer amazingness. Not by what you do, how many presents you buy or how hard you work, but by just showing up on the planet right now and being YOU. 

You are irreplaceable!

Thank you for being here!