How to Roll with the Changes


Here's a little snippet from my recent video explorations. This one is pretty raw. No make-up and no editing. Just me talking to you about change. There's so much to say on the subject, but for simplicities sake I kept it under 2 minutes :)

It's been said that change is the only constant. In this moment, I feel like a more accurate statement has never been uttered. But if life is constantly changing, why can it feel so darn scary at times? (Or at the very least pretty uncomfortable.) Shouldn't we be used to it already? 

From one day to the next, one week to the next, life can look completely different. I'm sure you've noticed. The trick is to stay in the moment, let your ego mind tell it's story without getting too invested in the right and wrong of it. Tricky stuff I know.

I believe we are all held by the Divine (whatever you want to call it is cool with me). We are deeply loved by life itself and there are greater plans in the works than what we can see from moment to moment. 

Looking back on some of the biggest changes in my life, times when I fell into utter despair, I see many amazing gifts that have made me the person I am now. Those experiences have been some of the richest and most powerful of all. 

I've often said that if we could consciously remember the day of our birth ~ the actual process of being birthed from the womb ~ nothing in life would phase us very much. Cuz, let's be honest, that was pretty intense. Talk about a reality shift. But we made it! 

I hope whatever you are going through today that you can close your eyes and feel love surrounding you. Feel love filling your heart. Have faith in your strength, my friend. 

Another one of life's greatest truths is "this too shall pass". Guaranteed!

Sending YOU some super huge LOVE right now,

Sarah Love