Birthing Your Creative Dreams

Hi Beautiful,

I'm sending MAJOR LOVE to the mommies of the world right now! You deserve metals of honor, seriously!

Although I'm not a mother to human babies, I can testify to the process of birthing many creative dreams into the world...Some babies take a really long time to birth. It can be agonizing and test the strongest of wills.

Here's an extreme example. My hope is that it inspires YOU to stick it out and not give up on your creative visions until they finally see the light of day. 

The "I Stand For Love" Mobile APP

Okay, time to be honest here. I've been wanting to turn the daily love messages into an APP since before there were APPs. No joke. 

My first idea was for a service that would text the message to your phone.  It's been that long in the making. 

About 4 years ago I started hearing about the wonders of mobile APPs. I got a bid on how much it would cost to create one. For my business at the time it was an astounding expense. SO, I shelved the idea for a few more years.

Thankfully this idea wouldn't go away, so last year around this time, I asked a few friends that had WAY more technical know how and connections than myself and got recommended a super cool woman whose whole business was making APPs. Yay!
The price to make such things had gone down considerably as the technology became more mainstream. Double Yay!

I hired her after a few brief conversations and thought I had done it. The APP would be born any day now.

HA! Enter every mental block to techie stuff you can imagine combined with MAJOR resistance to learning new things and you've got a year of false starts on your hands.

The agony of half realized dreams... They haunt you, don't they?

It was time to get serious. After hiring a designer to help create my new website, it dawned on me that I may need some more professional help in the APP department, as well. I needed a midwife.

The beautiful saying "It takes a village" is not just for raising children, it's for EVERYTHING. Our dreams need love, support and the mad skills of people who know stuff we don't.

If you've got an idea that's been swirling around in that beautiful brain of yours for years, don't throw in the towel. I beg you. Find helpers to put the pieces into place. They're probably somewhere in your community already with the knowledge to make your dream into a reality.

Trust that there is DIVINE timing involved and don't beat yourself up over years gone by. Take a new step in the direction of your dreams. Ask for help. You never know who'll be there to make to make it happen WITH you.

Basically, just don't give up. Please. Keep the dream alive whatever it takes!

Stay tuned for the launch date on this baby! It's fully cooked, just waiting for the powers that be to sign the birth certificate. You'll be the first to know when it's ready for play time!

Thank you for being here! I cannot wait to see what you birth this year! I adore sharing this journey with you!