You got to know when to hold 'em

Hello Lovely,

You got to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. I'm sure you've heard that one before. 

Sometimes it's hard to know, right? Most often, we hold onto things for way too long. Other times we need to stick it out with our hopes and dreams and not let that stuff go for anything.

As September quickly arrived, I began putting everything I've got into the 13th edition of the "Life is Beautiful and So are You!" calendar. 

Doing that, I realized that this is the longest thing I've ever stuck with in my entire life.


Much longer than I've kept the same job (I've tried more jobs than I'd care to count). 

Longer than I've ever lived in the same house.

Even longer than I've been with my Love (we just had our 11 year anniversary).

The longest running constant 'thing' in my life has been this little creation.

Making the calendar with outrageously optimistic daily messages in vibrant color has seriously been a labor of love for 13 years now!

But guess what.

There were many times I almost stopped doing it. 

Yep, I almost folded.

There were years in there when I couldn't imagine where the information or inspiration was going to come from. 

There were years I actually felt physically incapable of creating it (remember the print yourself/best of version? yeah, not my finest work).

I could just never walk away from this little calendar. I kept going. I pushed through. I dug deeper.

I was compelled. I was stubborn. I knew I had to learn how to really hold 'em on this one. 

And I'm so glad I did!

I'm DELIGHTED to bring forward 365 colorful affirmations for you so that every day of 2016 you'll have a mantra, a little blessing and an extra twinkle in your eye.

The truth is, I am struck by how the lessons I most need to learn are written on the pages of the calendar itself. And every year I get to put them in their place. I work with the words and the images and that rainbow of color

Then I get to use the calendar as a guiding light all year long.

It's healed a lot of things for me.

It's been my medicine and my teacher. It's been my consistent creative outlet and my little baby since 2003. It kind of blows my mind. 

I really couldn't have done it without YOUR feedback. The way the calendar has changed your life and lifted you up... Your words are a lifeline of inspiration and they keep me going through it all.  


If I had let it go, I would never know the magic that has been created for you. Thank you for being a part of this! 

What creative dream do you cling to? Have you been thinking of something you want to create for like a decade or more?

"Protect your dream, chase your dream, and eventually you will live your dream ."

~author unknown

Consider that the time is now! Hold onto that spark and start fanning the flames

Don't let that dream die out!

You can bet that the 2016 calendar is going to be the best one yet! It will keep you inspired to live your best life!
Right now, I'm sending you so much love from the most creative place deep within my heart. Stay true to your inner self and know that I've got my sparkling pompoms out cheering you on!!!