YOU are the Magic!

Hi Love, 

What a time of BIG transformation we are all going through. 

Can you feel it, too?

It's been said that the veils are thin this time of year. Meaning that the connection we have to other energies, loved ones, our dreams, can feel extra close right now. Like we can reach out and touch something magical and mysterious. 

There is so so much I want to say on the subject, but honestly magical times can call for less words... SO I am going to keep it short and sweet and extra full of love for you today.

Just be tender. 

Be extra sweet to yourself. 

Listen to the Butterfly Maiden.

Butterfly maiden

She says: "You are experiencing enormous change right now, which brings great blessings." From the Goddess Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue:

Listen deeply

Look in the mirror and see the beautiful soul inside of you.

Light a candle and thank your ancestors.

Bless your own gorgeous heart for being on the path you are on. 

Trust in your own timing.

A lot is changing.

A lot is coming through. 

It's a beautiful time of year to circle up with your peeps.

It's a beautiful time of year for quiet and solitude.

Just make sure whatever it is is nourishing to YOU. 

Now wrap your arms around yourself right now and say "You are amazing and I love you!"

YES! High 5! It's so true. 

Sending a big hug from my heart too.