Finding Your Awesome!

Hi Beautiful, 

You've heard it before, haven't you?

Everyone has their own unique awesomeness. You just have to find out what yours is and be authentic and everything in life will fall into place, right? 

I've been hearing that one for years too. And let me tell you, it can feel frustrating as all heck to wonder "What is MY awesome?"

You may have some idea (Yay!). Or you may get caught up in comparisons and look around at other people who seem to be "living the dream" and being pretty awesome in the world and it can bring up some disheartening emotions.

It's been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. That's BS. I've heard "the road to hell is paved with comparisons" and I couldn't agree more.  

Comparisons are illusions. 

What we think and perceive about other people's lives is not even true. 

It's our own projections, judgements and inner critics having a hay day with how awesome we think other people are and how we just may never be THAT awesome. 

Well, I've got to say, I've been on the path of searching for my personal awesome for years and this stuff takes time! 

Especially when you're curious (and you definitely want to be curious), passionate about many different things, like to travel, go to school, drop out of school, travel some more, fall in love, all while making sure the bills are paid and so on.

It can feel like the road will never end and everyone else is figuring it out before you. 

It can feel like you may never crack the code to finding YOUR personal awesomeness and sharing THAT with the world.

I'm just gonna break it down...


Your uniqueness is what you do every minute of everyday. The way you greet someone, the way you dream, the way you BREATH, is totally unique to YOU and at the risk of driving this one a little to hard, YOU are truly an AWESOME human being. 


Sharing that awesomeness and turning it into some kind of life itself, takes courage, persistence and a whole lot of self love. We don't live in a world where we are encouraged everyday to let ourselves be fully expressed. We live in a world of judgment. SO you have to work on it from the inside out.


We are living in a pretty amazing time, where we can share our unique lives and opinions with a whole lot of people every minute of everyday. What do you most want to share? What is truly important in your heart? What legacy do you want to leave in this world? The answer to these questions is the path to finding and claiming your awesomeness.

WHEW! That was a lot all at once, but when I sat down to write you today this is exactly what wanted to come through, so I just let it.

That's another way to find your awesomeness, actually. 

Sometimes we get bursts of inspiration and we try to rationalize them into some whittled down version. But, your awesome, your unique voice, is not to be whittled down!

The more you listen to it and follow the bursts of inspiration the stronger your awesomeness gets! 

So here's to YOU, dear heart! Here's to you shining your light in the world loud and proud!

As always, I'm cheering you on and deeply grateful to be on this journey with YOU!

Because you truly are a unique and awesome being. One of a kind throughout all time.

Thank you for being here!