How else are we going to evolve?

Hi Beautiful,

Lets' talk about partnerships, shall we? I must confess, it's taken me sooooo long to write this. Maybe because it's a loaded topic for me. But ever since I've embarked on a new and exciting collaboration this has been something I've wanted to talk with you about.

Have you ever noticed that it's nearly impossible to grow and evolve without relationships? Without other humans showing up and reflecting to you all your beauty, strength, shadow, etc.. there's not a lot of work to do in the Self Love department. 

I think it's where we do our absolute best work on ourselves. People are mirrors and we are the same for them. I've learned countless of my deepest life lessons entering into partnerships of all kinds. I'm sure you can relate.

Each one taught me about myself in ways that I would have never predicted, and helped me grow as a person on all levels of my being.

I must confess that for little while there I even swore off business partnerships as a rule...

Things change, thank goodness. Life brings new opportunities and if you get the lessons from the past, you gain a chance to apply what you've learned about yourself and do it better than you did before.

I'm learning now to recognize the opportunity and spend more time in the creative flow than ever. 

I'm learning how to trust my intuition on even more subtle levels and move from that place of trust. 
As a result, what's being born out of this new partnership is something very dear to my heart.

At the same time, I would have never been able to create it alone. 

We've all been down roads in relationships that we wish we could've avoided. Painful lessons, broken promises, emotional reactions, can all cause drama, regret and heartache in our lives. 

What I've found to be the deciding factors in relationships are communication, courage and inner clarity. That's where we have to take risks. 

It comes down to that feeling when you just know you've got to grab the other person's hand, leap off into the unknown and believe in positive outcomes with your whole heart. 

Wherever you've been, whatever relationship lessons you've learned (even if you have a few scars to show for it), we all have to open our hearts again and again in order to live life to the fullest. 

We have to let other people in

We have to choose the excitement of possibility over the protection that stems from fear. It's the best way to evolve. And without our hearts open and our fellow humans there to connect with, we run the risk of becoming hardened or resigned and never experiencing the joys of friendship, support and all the infinite forms of LOVE out there.

I encourage you to risk it, my dear. As always, your heart's wisdom will be your greatest truth. But when faced with an opportunity to love, create, expand, connect and relate to another human being, my hope it that you say "YES to TRUST"!

Here's to your continued evolution and a connection-filled life,

Sarah Love