It's NOT about NOT feeling scared!

I want to share with you why this Valentine's day, for me, changed everything. It was the best Valentine's of my life.

I've been slowly having a revelation that it's NOT about NOT feeling scared. It's about being scared and putting your heart out there anyway.

Sometimes in a BIG way.

Sarah and Sean Love

For years, I've had a burning passion to make the world a more loving place. I've got an entrepreneurial spirit that just won't quite and I've also had a whole lotta FEAR.

I've been taking baby steps, having some breakthroughs, etc... It's been a good ride and I'm deeply grateful. But the burning desire to make a BIGGER impact, play a bigger game has been growing inside for so many years, I just can't deny it any longer. 

Do you feel it too?

 My mission and my business revolve around making the world a more loving place. And it's one thing to do that looking at my computer screen, or making art in my studio. It's a whole other thing to get out there and shake it up.

It took a lot of courage to bust way out of my comfort zone like I did on Saturday. It was the day of LOVE, after all. I had no excuse.

Somehow I convinced my awesome man to get all dolled up for Valentine's and drive our happy asses to the mall. There we proceeded to interrupt the normal shopping program with exclamations of "You are Loved" and "Happy Valentine's Day".

Sarah Love on Valentine's day

Can you imagine coming down the escalator at Macy's and seeing us at the bottom?

We passed out over 200 of inspirational calendars for free. 

We were met with mixed reactions, but by far most people smiled, thanked us and went about their way with a little twinkle in their eyes that wasn't there before.

It was crazy fun!

Sean Love on Valentine's Day

All I'm saying is go ahead, get crazy! Show up in a bigger way. Play a bigger game. You may get laughed at, but in the end, I know for sure you won't regret it!

The world needs your crazy love!!