Love for YOU!

Hi Beautiful,

How are you and your precious spirit doing right now?

Wherever you are and whatever you're feeling (and whatever day it is that you're reading this), I am sending you so much LOVE. And I really want you to feel it in your heart. 

Will you take a moment to breath, gently push your shoulders back and feel your heart opening just a little?

That's it. How much can you expand? How much love can you let in?


My wish for you now (and for us all) is that you can become fully present, for just one moment and allow the miracle of your very existence to be made real in your heart. 

You are a miracle, dear one. You are the Divine incarnate. You are more than worthy of all the love you can dream of. Expand your capacity to feel it and know deep with in that it is the truth.

You are LOVE made visible! You are perfectly YOU.