10 steps to Self LOVE

Greetings Beautiful,

Can I say WOW. Just wow. What an intense time of transformation we are going through right now, eh?

This whole week, leading up the Equinox on Friday, has been so charged with deep energy. The kind that is very tough to articulate. There is so much brewing under the surface, collectively and individually.  It's a ripe time to let go of old stories and dream a new dream.

I've had the pleasure of participating in a magical gathering that's been assisting me with all that's arising. If you need guidance, support and inspiration, I invite you to join this group of wise women as we process and usher in the potent new energies coming through. 

Yesterday, we focused on the theme of Self Love (one of my favorite subjects, of course).

To get to the heart of it, I created a video breaking down my top 10 favorite practices to nurture Self love and acceptance.

I've never put these insights together in one place before. It's literally 20+ years of my own journey to Self-love all rolled into 16 minutes. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy.


10 steps to move from Self Loathing to Self LOVING by Sarah Love

I'd love to know what is coming up for you, how I can support you, and what dream you are dreaming into the future

When we connect with each other on our paths, we gain so much more than when we try to go it alone. 

Now's the time for greater connection, sharing our stories and feeling the synchronicities that are always at work in our lives. Now's the time for new stories to be written and woven together.

My dream is that of a loving world. I know you feel it to.

I hope you take some time to express kindness and love to yourself and simply allow that to fill you up. Then you can truly let your love flow out in all directions.

Remember, Your LOVE Changes the WORLD!