The first step in a Love Revolution ~ Can you guess what it is?

Hello Courageous heart, 

Did you guess Self LOVE? Because, yep, that's it alright. 

The whole love revolution begins within YOU. It's an inside job.

It happens simultaneously while we are being loving to others, but the reason why it is the first step is because we cannot create lasting love without it coming from our own well. Your cup needs to runneth over. 

Throughout the years, I've used so many tools to uncover my own deep well of love. 

Daily practices, music and dance, ritual and play, books, movies, teachers and friends - through every experience I've ever had - I've learned to see the blessings, the lessons and the unlimited opportunities to love.

I began to know, way down inside, how beautiful life is through the bitter and the sweet. To know how everything is truly intertwined: connected, inseparable, one and the same.

I began to see myself as a unique being, perfect with all my imperfections.

I began to ignore the voices in my head (to call them unloving would be an understatement) and replace them with powerful affirmations and loving support.

I also had to move away from people that subtly or not so subtly re-enforced the unloving-ness. I turned off crazy-making media that forced body image BS and spawned comparisons that used to run rampant. 

It takes work, diligence, dedication and softness too.

It's a lifelong journey! AND it's the work that pays off in every single area of life.

Becoming a warrior of love means being committed to love YOUR self through it all.

Because you are a freakin' miracle. 


You're an amazing 1-of-a-kind, ridiculously powerful, undeniably beautiful MIRACLE. 

You are the DIVINE incarnate. You are GOD in a human form. You are a rare diamond. 

I could go on and on. 

To state the obvious YOU ARE SO LOVABLE!!

SO start with more love on the inside. No matter where you are on the path of healing that old junk, there is ALWAYS room for more LOVE!

The more love you give yourself, the more love there is in the world. It's that simple. 
And there's nothing the world needs more right now that LOVE sweet love.

Because like you've heard me say again and again....

Life is Beautiful calendar August 2015

Love warriors UNITE!!! Woooohooooo!
I'm so grateful to share this adventure with you!!!