Getting my Phd in TRUST

Hello Beautiful,

How the heck are you?  

SO much going on, right? so many ups and downs, and SO much to be thankful for! I've pretty much been at a loss for words (hence the silence over here, sorry about that). 

But today it's time to connect with you and share some super exciting news! Hoooray!

First the recent past...

Joshua Tree Music Festival was an amazing, life altering, absolutely inspiring experience! That festival is SO MUCH FUN! 

We're talking cream of the crop EVERYTHING. The music was fantastic, the people were the ultimate in awesomeness, and my small part in it felt like a personal dream come true!

More love art at Jtree ~ Sarah Love


It was everywhere.

Now let me tell you the inside story. (aka, confession time).

I felt the opportunities all around me to either be in love or fear

Yep, everywhere I turned there were amazing artists painting amazing art, beautiful people teaching beautiful wisdom, fantastic musicians playing fabulous music ~ it was the perfect playground. 

With all that going on, along with the experience of sharing my truth on a whole new level (i.e. teaching the I Stand For Love workshop and doing a live painting) my mind wanted to veer off into crazy town.  

Don't you hate it when that happens?

There was the inner workings of very old wheels turning on their familiar ruts steering me right into comparison land. Oh so tempting!

Comparisons = ego tripping = the road to personal hell = major fear. No thank you!

The only thing I could do to not give in to crazy making was apply deeper wisdom and learn a whole new level of Love

So that's what I did. 

Sarah Love spreading the Love at Jtree

AND it all came down to TRUSTing.

I kept reminding myself that I was in the perfect moment. I walked around and truly soaked up the creativity and beauty around me without judging myself against it. 

I fell deeper in love with the person I am.

What a miraculous experience!

I leaned in and trusted myself to say the perfect things during the workshop and when it was over I didn't pick it apart and criticize it. 

I celebrated instead!

And when it was time to paint, I painted my heart out, but I didn't over do it.

Sarah Love trust painting

As I watched the other artists and their process, I could feel the creeping in of comparisons (they all seemed like they had it totally going on, while I had no idea what I was going to paint).

I breathed. I danced.

I reminded myself that we are all unique and gifted and creative. That is who we are as human beings. SO what a blessing to get to share my own unique self. 

I just went for it. 

It felt like the culmination and application of many years of self study. It felt a little bit like a test. It felt like a lot of old patterns shifted and a new level of mastery was born. 

I learned so much about myself.  

I learned that there is always the opportunity for fear and that we really can choose love. Always! 

I learned that whether or not we think we are 'good enough' it doesn't really matter moment to moment. What really matters is how we talk to ourselves on the inside and how loosely we can hold our self judgement. 

I learned that even after 20+ years of being on a Self Loving journey that you never quite get to the end. 

There is  always more loving to do.

I learned to not take myself so seriously and to have more fun for goodness sakes!


I felt you with me and it helped so much. Thank you for your encouragement and support!

Now, I feel like I'm at the beginning of a whole new cycle. I hope you're feeling it too in your own personal way.

Today is a new day, with new opportunities for growth, healing and major self love! Let's do this!

If you feel the pull of comparisons, just breathe. Know that you are so freakingAMAZING, just as you are and that there is NO ONE that compares to YOU. 

Your worth is unquantifiable and your life is SO precious! 

You are a Divine creation in itself. You are irreplaceable!  ...and you can TRUST that.

I'm sending Gigantic HUGS your way right now and celebrating YOU with a happy dance in my heart! 

Big Love signature Sarah Love