Joshua Tree Music Festival!!!

Hello Love,

Have you ever had one of those dreams for your life that seemed SO far off in the distance, maybe even too much of a fantasy, to be an attainable goal?

Well, speaking and painting at a music festival was just like that for me. 

Festivals have been a huge part of my life for 20+ years now. My first was Lalapalooza in 1992!! My summers have been highlighted by sweaty dancing in the sunshine for over 2 decades. 

I even started working backstage at festivals around 2003. And then I met the man of my dreams at High Sierra Music festival in 2004. 

Why am I telling you this? 

This weekend is my debut of being a performer, contributor, workshop leader at the Joshua Tree Music Festival and I am so super excited about this full circle moment. 

Joshua Tree Music Fest Sarah Love

I'm also scared. I'm nervous my message isn't clear. Maybe I'll forget everything I want to share and just blab on for an hour. I'm worried about being tired and losing my voice. I've got a whole host of little nagging thoughts about not beinggood enough

But within all that, I know that in some way this is my destiny and it will be perfectly or imperfectly perfect

In one of my scattered moments, I realized I needed to call in some love and support from my guides. I needed grounding. I needed to feel like it wasn't all on my shoulders, that I really was supported by life itself.

So I built a gigantic altar of crystals, candles,  jewelry and even the heart shaped sunglasses that I'm going to wear at the festival. 

Sarah Love Altar

For about a week I laid everything on the table (literally). When I started to feel anxious I would burn a little sage or simply stand in front of this spread and feel the weaving of all kinds of good energy infusing my props. 

It really helped!

This is a basic way to gain strength and clarity in your life as well. This is simple magic

Create something that gets you out of your head. Let your dreams take up some space in your physical world.

Life is full of opportunities for growth and healing. When we can get out of our minds and shift any energy of worry or anxiety into the feeling of support, grounded clarity and trust in ourselves and the powers that be, we can reallyrise up to the magnificence that is our birth right.

So here I go! I'm all packed and about to get on a plane to LA. 

I'll be teaching principles for creating a more loving world on Friday and again on Sunday. Saturday, I'll be painting live to the music and in between I'll be basking at the wonder of this dream come true!

Wish me luck! 

And remember YOUR Love Changes the World! Share it bravely my dear!!!

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