New ideas can change the world!

Hello Gorgeous, 

I've got a big question for you today. 

Are you ready to live in a more loving world? 

Can you feel it in your bones? I sure can. It's getting closer, make no mistake about it. Even if the media wants to remind us constantly of fear and hate, There is a greater movement of LOVE and unity than ever before. 

We are right on the brink of a major shift!

Here's a quote that rings true for me. Tell me what you think about it. 

Too simplistic? Too idealistic? Totally right on? 

New ideas ~ Sarah love

"There is nothing standing in the way of paradise for the whole human race except old ideas." ~ Charles Dederich

When I first saw these words at the Oregon Country Fair about 15 years ago, I felt the truth and the simplicity in my heart. 

Something clicked. 

Our thoughts, our ideas about life, all the ones that have been passed down to us, consciously and unconsciously. That's what we create with in the world.

The old ones are running rampant, dictating the present and the future. But they don't have to be.

What about the new ideas? DO we have it in us to leave the old stuff behind?

Of course we do!

When I look around at life and see how we as humans have so much access to life itself and to so much love, it gives me hope. We have unlimited potential. We can truly dream up, create and act out any story we choose.

The question is, how do we make a leap of LOVE out of the old paradigm and into the new world of love and unity?

Throughout July and August, I'm dedicating this space to the new ideas. 

It's time

We can create a more loving world by changing our thoughts about it. 

We'll dig into it right here. There will be 4 emails over 8 weeks dedicated to the shift. Being the change. Changing the world

I'll share the ideas I've been practicing for a few decades now. They are simple and they work. Some of them are obvious while others are complex. Let's explore them together

It's up to us to create the shift. Be the change and all that. You've heard it before, but how long will it take is up to us.

As for today, I'm a mushy little love muffin over here and you know what? 

I freakin' LOVE YOU!


In love signature Sarah Love