Bursting at the Seams!

Hello Love

I've got some serious Love Bombs for you today! (or as I like to say "Love Balm").  

The seams definitely burst a few weeks ago when so many of you participated in "I Stand For Love" day. 

It was beautiful. It was moving. Your love changed the world! 

It really did.

So I put together this quick post to encapsulate the best of August 8th and to give you access to that love vibration right here, right now.

Let's keep it flowing. 

Whenever you need a boost or are looking to assist in raising the vibe for others, there are 2 videos below to give you what you need.

First, The global LOVE meditation on "I Stand for Love" day was pretty amazing! 

Watch it. Feel it. Allow the love to wash over you.

Love is all we need and it's always a good time to send more love out there!  This meditation was simple, powerful and you can do it anytime. 

The next video is full of the snapshots from August 8th and all the love that was shared far and wide. 

DO yourself a favor and simply enjoy the next 4 minutes to sit back and receive this incredible collection of love from around the world!

Take a nice deep breath and let your heart expand

There is a shift happening and you are indeed a part of it!  

Isn't that incredible?

It really goes to show, you are not alone! We are all in this together and LOVE is winning!!!

Thank you so much for being on this wild journey of life. You are alive and that in itself makes the world a better place.

Stay tuned for more magic in the next few weeks and keep shining your love light! Together we create a more loving world for ourselves, our children and all beings everywhere. 

Go team!