Can we talk about the dark side for a minute?

Hi Love, 

I tried not to write this. Really, I did. But some things just won't leave you alone and I think it's a crucial step in the Love Revolution... So here it is.

I'm just gonna tell it like I see it, there's some serious sh*t going down on planet Earth right now. 

You feel it. I feel it. We all feel it. 

It's dark. It feels pretty dark, anyway. 

Between the environment, global economy, our poor friends with fins and fur and wings dying off, people we love being diagnosed with all kinds of cancers... 

It's intense.

And if I hear about one more senseless shooting I'm going to run out of my front door wailing like a mad woman, run down the street and start hugging people left and right. 

It's just too heavy and it's just too sad. 

So how do we BE with the heavy and the sad and still find the LOVE inside of ourselves?

Can we be with ALL of it AND still have the mojo left to make lasting changes that in turn create a world where these dark and sad things are no longer the norm?

I feel in the depths of my bones that WE CAN. 

I believe that we are that powerful. And let's make no mistake about it, it's going to take all the power we got to shift from fear to love - from some pretty dark stuff to a world that's a lot more kind and a lot more loving.

The good news is:

You are a very powerful being, my friend. 

You and I are so freaking powerful. 

We haven't even tapped into a fraction of the power of our brains, not to mention our hearts.

What if we put our hearts and our brains TOGETHER?

Holy guacamole, we are talking about SO MUCH FREAKIN' POWER

Actually the word power doesn't even do it justice. 

It's like everything can change in a single moment kinda power. 

We can make a leap of LOVE.

And it can happen one moment at a time. One thought at a time.

The time is now

It's not about denying the darkness we feel. It's about acknowledging all of it, feeling all of it, taking one another's hand, looking around at the world we live in and deciding what kind of world we want to create. 

It's about coming together a little more. Coming together, talking it out, dancing it out, crying it out. It's about using our voices to speak our truths. And it's about listening to each other as we work through this giant shift.

Do you think we can turn this world around through the power of love?

I do.

Can we be more loving to ourselves? Of course we can.

Can we be more loving to our children? Of course we can.

Can we be more loving to people we don't even know? Of course we can.

The thoughts you think and the words you speak build a new world every single day.

You are that powerful. And when you put your love into it, you become the change that truly creates a more loving world.

I'm here with you to honor the darkness, to hold each other close and to turn towards more kindness and love. I'm here with you to take a stand for love!

With my heart on the line and my love light shining ~ I humbly remind you that  

Sarah Love - Your love changes the world

Thank you for being alive. 

Thank you for taking a moment to read these words. 

Thank you for feeling all that you feel. 

You are not alone.