This is it!! Can we do it together?

Hi Love

Sometimes you just have to set a date, you know? A deadline of sorts.

Something that says "This is it".  It holds you to your commitment. Makes it real. 

That's what August 8th is. 

Like a lightening bolt to the heart, the energy behind "I Stand For Love" day was a jolt of high voltage inspiration. 

A few years ago, I was woke up in the middle of the night with a burning question, "What if it started with a simple stand?" The words

I STAND FOR LOVE were ringing in my head. 

And then more questions. 

 "What if we could use technology to unify us and

increase the love vibration on the planet?"

You'll never know unless you try, right?

So I basically changed the whole direction of my business, re-worked every angle of the sweet Sarah Love Creations (my business name for 10 years) and made my business and website into the affirmation "I Stand For Love". Kinda crazy, huh?

My vision is that we can come together in a simple way to show up in the name of love, connecting through the virtual waves of the internet and creating a movement where we can see each other

Knowing that we believe in love, knowing that we are not alone in wanting a more loving and kind world to live in. 

What would be the effects of such a ripple of energy?

Could we create something that could actually make a difference?

Could we possibly cause a vibrational disturbance in the force (if you will) that wants us to stay consumed with consumerism AND bust through to a new paradigm of love and connectedness

Truthfully, I don't really know. I don't know what can happen. But what the heck? Why not try LOVE and see what we can do with it?

I do know that last year there was some pretty incredible feedback.

The love was flowing and people were feeling it. 

What could be wrong with that?

This year we can create an even bigger love ripple with your help!
Will you take a stand with me? 

This Saturday, August 8th, put your heart into it for


Sean and Sarah Love

 All you gotta do is post a photo of yourself with a heart and the words #istandforlove. 

It's that simple. Let's see just how powerful we can be when we use social media as a tool to fuel the Love Revolution.

PLEASE share this inspiration with your peeps and join the

I Stand For Love Facebook Event page now

Exciting NEWS! We're doing a virtual LIVE event to join our hearts and minds together with a few minutes of Love meditation and inspiration.

Join us HERE! Your partners and kids are invited, too!

It's going to SO FUN!!!

I look forward to seeing  you there!