When was the last time you were grateful for YOU?

Hi Love,

Gratitude. Everyone talks about it.

It's SO powerful!

Gratitude is like the gateway to love, abundance, peace and a feeling of joy in our hearts. 

While I'm a HUGE fan of giving thanks everyday for everything we have and everyone in our lives, I want to offer up a practice of gratitude that might feel new to you.

It's simply being grateful FOR YOU. You are here on this amazing Earth, living your unique and special life. Going through the ups and downs, feeling and perceiving, giving and receiving like only you can. 

So how about taking a moment to count yourself in all the things you are grateful for?

Why don't we just pause right here and do that? 

Put your arms around yourself in a warm hug and say "Thank you".

Thank your self.

Thank your body. 

Thank your mind. 

Thank every emotion you've ever felt. 

Just thank you for being you.

Because the truth is YOU are one of a kind throughout all time and space. You are the Divine incarnate as an amazing human being. 

What's not to be Thankful for in that?

If you need some more convincing on just how amazing it is that you were born, I made this 45 second video for YOU.

Thank you for being born!

That's it.

Now go out and spread that gratitude around like the Rockstar you are!