Make the World Loving Again

Hi Love,

It finally hit me after I got political on my Facebook page last week. 

I admit, I've been holding back. I've been biting my tongue until I can process the current events and search inside myself for my personal truth before I add to the noise. 

I've been wanting to transform this whole thing into something positive and I wasn't having much luck.

Spin it with love, you know? 

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Then I was struck with a big awareness in the shower one morning and I wrote out in a post:

"I have a ton of thoughts, opinions, judgements and feelings about what we are going thru during this election process. 

It's revealing SO much about our culture and our collective psyche.

And today I found gratitude.

I'm thankful as I would be thankful for a boil coming to the surface if my body was needing to heal an infection.

While my heart has been breaking (for most of my life actually) because of how humans treat each other, the injustice in the world, the greed that motivates so many, the over-powering, oppressive way that we have structured our society, IT IS TIME to HEAL.

We cannot heal what we don't feel or see and right now we cannot look away.

We cannot un-hear the crazy, hateful words that have been spoken. 
We cannot bring back the innocent lives lost in shootings or wars. 
We cannot unsee the 1000s of people standing up for justice, protesting the pipeline, speaking out against oppressors. 

We cannot rewind. 
We cannot look away and feel disconnected anymore.

We are standing on the precipice of HUGE shifts AND unfortunately our stubbornness to stay the same NEEDS us to be shaken and stirred so deeply that NOW we are being shaken to our core.

And while my heart breaks because I know we can do SO much better, I am grateful.

We can't look away. We need to heal.

We need to grieve the injustices and the losses. 
We need to bow our heads at the things we've said to each other, the horrible acts that have been played out on women, the way we've taught our children to judge and condemn.

We need to move through this time with as much love and forgiveness as we can possibly muster and then some.

I can see the future of love and healing. 
I see it and feel it in my heart every day. 

I hold up a torch of love and healing and I know that it is not only possible but natural.

I may not see this come fully to fruition in my lifetime, but I know it is happening and I am grateful to be alive in the amazing time of change.
Don't lose hope, my love.

Have hope for the children, because girls and boys of all colors start out with love in their hearts and the desire to be loved as well. 

That is the way of things.

We can look straight at this, listen, learn, grow and heal together.

I send blessings and love from my heart to yours right now. 
Don't lose hope. 
Find gratitude and spread love."

(That was actually the abbreviated version.)

It opened up quite a dialog. 
And it got me thinking even more...

The pressure we're all feeling about this election is mounting.
It's causing a lot of anxiety and anger and fear. 
It's bringing big stuff up to the surface. 

And it's a really important time to be alive. 

No matter what you believe and what you choose to do about those beliefs come November 8th, we're still going to be living in a current reality of some pretty ugly stuff. 

It's just too much to keep doing it like this. 

What are we going to do to make this world a more loving place?

With the shootings and the violence and the hateful words and the greed... It's too much with the oceans getting hotter and the species vanishing from the earth.

Too much, I say. 
We have to create something different. 

So, here's what hit me after the discussion broke out on facebook...

What if we treated our collective future like we treat our personal future?

You've heard of those goal setting techniques, right?

You have a goal and you think about how you want your life to be 5 years from now. Then you work backwards to create a plan of action. 

So how do you want the world to be in 5 years, 10 years from now? 
See that in your mind and hold it in your heart. 

Now think about 3 years from now, 2 years, 1 year, this month. 
Like that. 
Based on the world you want to live in 5 years in the future, what do you do today to move 1 step closer to that world?

If you are drawing a blank, I'll give you a hint...

Start with yourself.  

That's how it works. 
It feels like we are electing people to lead us somewhere, but the real work has to happen within our own hearts, doesn't it? 

That is where the BIGGEST CHANGE will happen and the longest lasting impact will occur. It's an inside job.

Believe me, some days I wish there was an outside force to get us there. 

I also wish there was someone to blame. 

But truthfully this current reality is what we've co-created. 
If we don't like what we are seeing, we've got to work to heal the roots of it within ourselves.

Honestly, I wish there was a pretty unicorn bandaid I could place on this whole crazy situation and just wait out the healing process while I get my netflix/chill on, but that's kinda how we got here in the first place.

Oh wait... There is a unicorn coming! 

I believe that we're going to experience a collective awakening the more we heal and love ourselves. I really do. 


Photo by Debbie Baxter

Photo by Debbie Baxter

So there's that magical moment somewhere in the future that I hold in my vision. 

It's going to pretty radical! 

That's my 5 year plan.

Through our inner work and our outer expression of love to each other, we tip the scales and experience this grand shift in the energy of the whole world. It's more than a woo-woo dream, it's the way energy actually works. It's science :)

So I'll say again because why not, "Don't lose hope, my dear!"

Keep the love alive in your heart! 
Keep hope alive for the next generations. 

We can do this!

I'd love to hear about your vision of the future, too. 
Just add a comment below and let me know what it is.

Above all, I'm honored and blessed to be walking this Earth at the same time as you are. 

It's an amazing time to be alive and you being here is no accident.   

Photo by Debbie Baxter   

Photo by Debbie Baxter


Give yourself some extra love today, please! 
You're doing an great job at being YOU!