2 Reasons that my Heart is Breaking Right now

Hello Love,

If you are new to my world, this is not the norm. 

I typically like to polish my shares into really loving nuggets of truth, optimism and encouragement.

These times are calling for different actions. 

It's still full of love, but let me warn you it is raw.

I made this video last night in an attempt to move through the intense energies we are experiencing in our current state of affairs.

I hope it helps you if you're feeling at all lost or heartbroken by what's going on in our world right now. 

I Stand With YOU!

I know we are going through some major healing as a whole. 

It may feel pretty dark and confusing, but I feel in my heart that it is necessary to look at all that is going on and to make new choices in the direction of love and compassion.

We have to feel it to heal it.

Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for being alive. 

May all beings everywhere feel safe and loved.

Sending you a big hug through the ethers!