My Promise to You.

Hi Beautiful,

It's time for a group hug. 

Like you, I've been on a rollercoaster of emotions for the last few days. Still working through it all.

Whether you're feeling excited or pissed, validated or heart broken, I want you to know I am here. 

I'm right here. And while most things are feeling pretty unclear to me at the moment, there is one thing that's super clear indeed.

I'm doubling down on my commitment to Love. 

And I need you to keep me accountable. That's why I want to make a promise to you now.

I promise to write a book going into detail on this manifesto. 
I'm breaking down each step and expanding on these principles. 

It feels important right now and there's a lot that these simple steps can offer. Each one has a depth of meaning waiting to be explored and shared. I've been thinking about it for far too long. 

My vision is for the book to come out on "I Stand For Love" Day ~ August 8th, 2017. 

Writing can be long and lonely work and I just haven't committed to getting this work out of my heart and mind until now. But letting you in on this commitment changes everything for me. 
I'm grateful for these wild times to light this fire under my butt and I am grateful to you.

It's clear that we need all the love and inspiration we can muster in these times of big changes. 

So that's my promise to you and my commitment to spreading love in the hearts of all human beings. 
(There are a few other ways I'm doubling down on the love, so stay tuned.)

It's time to build bridges. It's truly time to take a stand for love. 

Thank you for witnessing, joining in with your amazing heart and keeping me on the path.

Be extra loving to yourself, your kids and everyone you meet. 
Stay kind. 

I'm with you and I promise to turn up my level of creation and frequency. I promise to stay true to the mission of love and unity. 

I'm sending you a HUGE hug right now!