Doin' It for the Love

Hello Love,

I'm coming at you today with so much love overflowing in my heart!

Do you know the music of Michael Franti & Spearhead?

They've been pretty heavy on the soundtrack of my life for the last 15+ years. Their enlivening tunes and empowering lyrics have kept this Love Warrior's heart uplifted and inspired through all the ups and downs of life.

AND their live shows are not to be missed! Total community building, peacemaking, dance parties where you leave feeling way better than you came.

I'm so grateful for artists like Michael who have been on the path of raising the vibration of human hearts and showing up in a BIG way for unity and justice. 

A few years ago he and his wife Sara started a foundation called

(Awesome name, right?)

Their mission statement is this:

"Do It For The Love is a wish-granting nonprofit organization that brings people living with life-threatening illnesses, children with severe challenges and wounded veterans to live concerts.
Through the healing power of music, our goal is to inspire joy, hope and lasting celebratory memories in the face of severe illness or trauma."

(You can read more about their inspiring and impactful mission HERE.)

The more I learned about the Do It For The Love foundation, the more I wanted to find a way to support this awesome work. 

So I reached out. 

After a few emails it was clear that the  Life Is Beautiful calendar was a perfect fit to bring daily love to the wonderful humans they grant wishes to. 

We decided we'd do a week long matching program!

From December 12th to the 19th we are matching calendar for calendar with the goal of sending 400 calendars to the people they support. 

If you've already purchased your 2017 calendar
THANK YOU so much!! You are a total Rockstar!

And feel free to share this with your peeps :) 
"Hey, if you want to totally rock your friends and family's worlds, you can grab a few 2017 calendars right here and help spread the love far and wide:"


If you haven't got your calendars yet, please consider this week as the perfect time to give yourself the gift of daily inspiration while also contributing to the uplift-ment another human heart!

AND whatever you do,
however you plan your gift giving, please consider where your dollars are going.
Who are you supporting with your purchases? 
What are the gifts made of and how can you make the most loving impact with your money?

Because you, my dear, are so powerful and your choices really do make a difference. 

Consider this your sign if you've been feeling the need to reach out and get involved with an organization or community group that is tugging at your heart strings. 

Reach out and find a way to connect because: