A moment of Calm.. My Solstice Blessing

Hello Beautiful,

Happy Solstice! 

It's a special day that we all share, whether we know it or not.

Whatever you believe in, whatever your traditions are, today (December 21st) marks the longest night of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the return of the light. Hooray! 

It's a perfect time to slow down, take a deep breath and extend some love to your own precious heart!

To make that easy for you, I made a little video.

Would you take 3 minutes to feel calm?  Yes!

Now, take that love and calm and move through the holidays with a presence of peace.

As we enter a new season, a new moment in time, my wish is that we all live with love in our hearts and that we express love inside and out.

Thank you for being the amazing human. You're doing a great job at being YOU!

Sending abundant blessings from my heart to yours!


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