I love the crap out of YOU!

Helloooo Gorgeousheart, 

Happy February! It is the month of L-O-V-E! 

Which (let's be honest here) can mean you're either feelin' it or you're not. There's no in-between when we're talking about Valentine's Day, am I right?

Every year I want to take out a billboard that says something like this:


I want to shout from the rooftops, "You are SO Lovable!"

But, let's face it. We are only as lovable as we feel and sometimes we just see the 'crap' in ourselves. We see the stuff that can feel hard to love. 

Let's just set the record straight right here. I love the crap out of you!

The question is how can YOU feel more loved and more lovable?

Well, the answer is Love Yourself more than ever before.
(you probably knew I was going to say that.)

Practice giving yourself the praise, appreciation, adoration and even the gifts that you long to receive from another. 

Be romantic. 
Say I love you. 
Write yourself love notes.

Look in the mirror and think "damn, I am one smokin' hot babe!".

What ever it takes, just let that love start from the inside and work its way out. 

Because, like my amazing friend Nicole Bonsol so poetically wrote:

You are a Universe
unknowable in your vastness, but beautiful
in the multitudes you contain.
From the light-swallowing darkness
to the brightest burning sun,
you deserve awe.



That is pure gold and sums up so much truth it made my jaw drop when I read it!

Go ahead, read it again.

Now, put your hand over your heart and say "I love you".

See how many times a day you can say that to yourself.

I know it sounds cute, but this is downright revolutionary!

Self love is the vibration that will ripple out and change the world. 
I can testify to that.

The truth is you were born whole and complete. Absolutely perfect. 

There's nothing you have to do, nothing you have to be and nothing you have to have to be worthy of all the love in the Universe.

You are worthy and You are LOVED!

Besides, without you the world would not be the same. You being YOU is nothing short of Divine!

Go celebrate it!

Expand your capacity to love. It's truly infinite.
Love the crap out of yourself and watch the love pour in!

Thank you for being just exactly the being you are. With all the 'crap' included. The whole package is just AMAZING!