What's all this talk about your word of the year?

Hello Lovely, 

How the heck are you? How's your year starting off?

I'll admit that the beginning of this year (so far) has felt a little bumpy. Cloudy. Not exactly clear. 

That Da-Da-Da-Daaaaaaaah sound you hear right before you charge ahead into the future just hasn't really come yet (at least for me).

While my ego goes a little nuts wanting to put all my BIG dreams on the table, fit all the pieces into place, draw a perfect road map and have my grand plan for 2016 all figured out, my heart and soul are still reviewing, renewing and recalibrating in some major ways.

2015 held a LOT of growth.  

Looking back and reviewing the past is something I usually prefer to rush through or just skip right over (in typical Aries fashion). 

Let's move on into the future already!!!

This year (try as I might) there is no rushing.

One thing that has been extra potent and profound is choosing my word of the year. 

This will be the 4th year that I have engaged in this practice, but every year it gets more powerful. 

Last year I started out trying to force a word I really wanted to embody, but didn't truly resonate with. The 'right' word for 2015 ended up being TRUST. 

Have you chosen a word? 

If not and you think it sounds interesting, here's a few resources for you.

1. An in depth process to really get clear on your word from the amazing Susannah Conway.

2. An easy 3 step guide to pick your word HERE.

Have fun with it! 

See what moves you, inspires you, supports your goals and dreams for 2016. It's amazing to encapsulate this into one word that you can work with all year long.

Confession time... I did a little something different this year and actually picked 2 words. One for my life and one for my business. 

Once, I pulled them apart it felt SO GOOD. I just couldn't deny the power in that. So give yourself the freedom to do what resonates with you at your core.

For this year, 2 words feels the best. They are both very clear and ring out with great energy for me. 

The word for my life is THRIVE. 
The word for my business is FOCUS.

My business is so personal that it felt powerful to give it its own word.

Can you feel anything bubbling up? DO you hear a word coming through already? 

I would love to know your word of the year and support you in living your most amazing life! 

Share it with me in the I Stand For Love facebook group.

Also, if you want to take it to a completely new level, I would LOVE to paint your word of the year!

If that sounds as amazing to you as it does to me, contact me HERE.

I'm working on some little paintings and some big paintings, ranging from $75 to $700. So don't be afraid to reach out if you'd love a custom piece of art.

However your year is starting out and whatever you do to plan for it, just know that YOU are exactly where you are meant to be. Right here. Right now. 

There is no better way to be and absolutely no comparison to the utter amazingness that IS YOU. 

Here's to the best year yet filled with more LOVE, light and laughter than you've ever known!