March MAGIC!

Hello Beautiful,

What can I say? I love March! 

I love the energy of Spring flowers bursting forth (so beautiful)!

I even love the moody weather going from grey and rainy to blindingly bright with sunshine (that's Portland for you).  

AND (let's be honest) I really love that it's my birthday month!!! 

This year is a BIG one. Like really BIG. 

As in the BIG 4-0!

Who knows where the time goes, but instead of lamenting my youth, I am super freakin' excited about this new chapter. 

It feels like major transition time.
One filled with more self-love, rooted in life experience. More creativity awaits, feeling at home in myself! 
That's my hope, at least ;).

For all of us, this month holds the transformative power of two Eclipses and an Equinox (scroll down for the Equinox magic)! 

That's some major cosmic energy all packed into March. 

It gives each of us the opportunity for breaking through, creating miracles and embracing change in brand new ways!

I've been thinking long and hard about how to celebrate all the amazing MAGIC in the air... 

Since my lifetime goal is to spread love in the world, I thought, for starters I'd mark down my Love-filled creations at 40% off!!!

If you have someone in your life with a March birthday too, here's the perfect gift for you! 


The March Magic Super Sale includes 40% off on individual Calendars10 packsLove Magnets sets  and Personal Mantras sessions with me!

Let's make the most of this transformative month!!!

You are an infinitely powerful being, full of magic and wired for LOVE.

Connecting with you, joining our hearts and minds together to spread love and joy is my birthday wish.

We can have a tremendous impact on the world we live in. Starting with loving thoughts for ourselves and rippling out to kind actions and generous sharing. 

I think the human race is ripe for a quantum leap and LOVE is the bridge we can build to cross over!

My heart overflows with gratitude to be on this journey with YOU!

Thank you so much, precious being that you are.