The GREAT Gratitude video ~ Will you let the love in?

Hello Love,

What a month it's been! How are you riding the wave of life these days?

Whatever's up for you right now, I hope you watch this short video.

I really want you to feel the love pouring in from my heart to yours. 

It's BIG.

It's potent. 

AND I have to warn you that, if you're a cryer (like me), around 1 minute 25 seconds, I start tearing up.

The expansion of love, my ability to receive it and the transformation I've been through over the past month is hard to put into words, but I did my best here. 

You are so LOVED and I am SO freakin' grateful for YOU!


Together we are changing the world with our LOVE! 

You and me, we are doing it. Some days it feels hard, some days it feels easy, but when we lift each other up, it makes all the difference.

Thank you so much, dear heart.

I am honored to walk this Earth with you!