Deprivation is not the way!

Hello Love,

As I write these words, I'm sitting outside with the sunshine on my face. Holy moly, it feels so good! 

The funny thing is, I tried to force myself to do my work from inside. I moved from my desk in the studio, to the kitchen table, but just couldn't get in the flow. 

When I thought about coming outside, it was like remembering something I had forgotten. I had an option? I could enjoy the process? 

Duh! It's so obvious, but I know I'm not alone in having these blind spots sometimes. 

We all limit our enjoyment (our actually JOY in life) by thinking there's a certain amount of suffering, hard work, drudgery in our day to day. Or we think there's a proper way 'it' has to be done.

The truth is, this day is freakin' magical and we will never see the likes of it EVER again. 

(I could have totally missed out on these flowers blooming!)

Sunshine? Fresh air? Why would I want to deprive myself?

Plus, all the happiness I'm feeling is coming through to YOU now. 


Moving outside felt like a simple act, but it's making a HUGE impact on my day and hopefully transferring into a ray of sunshine in your day, too. 

Do you ever wonder why we forget or put off the things that make us feel the best?

Like drinking water. 
Calling our loved ones. 
Going outside. 
Taking a deep breath.
Giving a big hug to someone (and receiving one in return).

We can go so long with just enough that we forget what truly feeds our soul and lights us up. 

Well, now is a time of remembering, my friend! 

What lights you up?

It doesn't have to be huge, it can be a very simple, like going outside and turning your face to the sun.

You just have to do it. 

I invite you to deepen into your heart connection and find any way possible to act on your inspirations

It's time to be truly alive in your own life!

It's time to turn towards the sun (literally and figuratively) and follow that whisper in your heart until you can hear it more clearly.
It's time to throw the old ways aside and ask new questions.

I want to support you, cheer you on and contribute in any way I can to you expressing your own unique magic in the world. 

What's stopping you? 

Examine that old story and see if it really holds any weight or it's just a worn out habit. Spring clean that stuff like the dust bunnies they are.

Sending infinite blessings from my heart to yours!