Fear not! The future is bright, my friend!

Hello love,

How are you doing today? This is your moment to breath in a little hope and love. I'm here for you with reminders of good things to come. 

Because the world seems like it's going crazy sometimes. I know. 
I feel it too. 

We could talk about it for daaaaays, right? It's pretty intense.

AND I feel this incredible awakening happening, right now. I see it. 
I know it in my bones. You and me, we are doing it.

We are turning our faces to the love in the world and we are contributing to that love just by being here.

I'm a firm believer that whatever evidence we seek to support whatever story we are telling ourselves will be there. 

Whether the story is "the world is going crazy" or "the world is a beautiful place to live", if we look around we'll see proof of this story.

When I catch myself getting too deep into the "what the heck is going to happen in this crazy world?" one thing I remember is that it's really a giant mystery and it always has been. We don't know how this story ends, do we?

So I choose to focus on the love. I hold a vision of a loving world.
I look for the evidence of good things happening, loving people doing amazing stuff, and I get inspired.

I put my bare feet on the Earth and I give thanks for this moment.

My own gratitude expands and just like that I've put out some good vibes into the world, as well.

I have to remind myself that it doesn't take heroics to cause a ripple effect of loving energy.

It can be as easy and saying Hi to your neighbor. 

It can be as profound as asking a stranger how they are doing and looking them in the eye. 

Acknowledgement and connection are in short supply in our hurried life and sometimes it can be that simple to change the course of someone's day and bring a smile to their face.

A loving ripple can also start with taking tender care of YOURSELF. 

It can look like turning your attention on your very own precious heart and tending to yourself like you would your most beloved friend. 

It can also look like making love-filled ART!

Can I tell you something exciting? 
I'm in a very creative space right now. 

And I have to tell you, it's pretty amazing. 

Because some days I get caught up in my own story of how much difference I need to make (because the world is crazy and we all need more love, right!). 

I need to express that love and impact a million people while making a good living, all to prove to myself that the days of my life are well spent.

This old story has me running around thinking I need to crack some secret code that marries business genius with Love Revolution, In order to tip the scales, causing an end to war and people everywhere waking up with love overflowing in their hearts.

I drive myself crazy sometimes.

So right now, I've been focusing on my inner artist. 

I feel like the ripple going out from me making new artwork is where the true love vibration can felt.

Here's a window into my creative world.

AND what is coming through is going to knock your socks off! 

There's a new card deck in the works (Yes, It's really happening! Stay tuned for upcoming news!), the 2017 calendar is already taking shape (the future is bright, my friend) AND I'm spending more time actually IN the love vibration than staring at the screen trying to figure out how to create a love vibration in the world.

The moral of this story is "sometimes we make things way more complicated than we need to when really it's so simple". 

Be love. 

Be love in this moment to yourself, your kids, your neighbor and whatever you are trying so hard to create will gently find it's way to you.

That is what will truly create a loving world. Being in love with your beautiful self and enjoying your most precious life as it is, right now in this moment.