Can we all just put down our phones for a minute?

Do you ever feel kinda funky, but you can't quite put your finger on it?

Like after you've spent too long looking at your screen and wonder to yourself "why do I feel so weird? I woke up feeling pretty good today. Huh?"

It might be time to take a break from your relationship. 

I made a short and goofy video of how taking a break from electronics helps me stay sane and inspired. 

Another thing I've done is turn off all notifications on my phone. If you haven't done that yet. DO it now!

Now I have to tell you, over the last few years I've really tried to embrace technology... 

Ok, I was kicking and screaming for many years before that and it hasn't felt like my most enlightened moments, but I've really tried to see it as a wonderful tool. It is a wonderful tool!

BUT, the truth is, we're kinda like guinea pigs. 

We don't really know how this technology is effecting our energy, our mental health, or anything really. 

It's very exciting AND if you don't keep it in check it can leave you feeling a little empty inside.

All I'm saying is, Love Yourself and your life a little more and look at your screen a little less.

Because you're freakin' amazing! 

You are one of a kind throughout ALL time. 

There are no comparisons. (Another pit fall of looking at our gadgets is we secretly compare our lives with those amazing pics we see of other people. It's an illusion! Don't fall into that!) 

This is your one and only life of being YOU!

Look up, look around, enjoy silence, give someone a hug. 

Everything will feel more peaceful in your life when you are actually present for YOUR life.

Thanks for staying on your screen long enough to read these words :)

Now go take a walk and leave your phone at home!
I dare you.