What if we just stopped trying? {ISFL Day Video is HERE!}

Hello Love,

Is it just me or does the world seem like one big question right now? 
What if this happens? 
What if that happens? 

What if?

Today, I've got a question for you I think you'll like.

What if we stopped trying to figure it all out? What if we stopped trying to have all the answers?


What if we just stopped?

What if we tuned in to our hearts and truly listened?

What if we listened with our hearts to everyone else, too?

What would change? 

Well, that's exactly what I want to know. 

I long to know how the world would change if we shifted our attention from all the noise in our big ol' brains and listened to the voices in our hearts. 

I think it would be radical. Maybe even revolutionary?

I dare to vision that the more hearts we could connect the more amazing it would feel.

With that intention, I got together with some wonderful friends and we made this video as a starting point. 

It's designed to help you get into your heart space. 

Just watch this for 2 minutes and feel the love!

We were literally looking into the camera and sending LOVE to YOU (and everyone who watches this). We were radiating love from our hearts and beaming it into the lens. 

It was a super fun day!

Now, you can share this video like crazy!

Who knows? This may be the tipping point for one of your facebook friends today. 

They may feel a little twinge in their heart, take a deep breath and connect to that space of love and hope. 

I don't know exactly what can happen with a BIG dose of love in the world, but I'm willing to lay my heart on the line to find out.

The burning question for me is "How many hearts and minds we can unite on August 8th?".

AND my desire is that when we unite in the name of love, we cause a ripple of energy that goes out into the world. 

This ripple could be the very thing that lifts us up and heals a bit of suffering in our hearts. And as you've heard before "We are the World" so why not go for it?

I know it may seem far-fetched to some, but whatever we've done to get us to this point in our humanity doesn't feel like it's working for everyone very well. 

Why not try LOVE and see what happens?

My heart's whisper could inspire your heart and yours could ignite a little flame in another's.

Let's see what we can create together!

Right now, I bow to your precious heart in gratitude and I whisper:

Let's give our minds a rest. 

Let's tune in to the love that's in our hearts. 

And may the future generations inherit a world where love and compassion is honored and celebrated.

Yes, please!

Thank you for joining me in this great experiment!