The I Stand For Love Day Global Meditation is HERE!

Hello Love,

We are doing it!

Today (August 8th) is "I Stand For Love" Day and we're flooding the internet with LOVE!

Go to any of your favorite social media pages, search for #istandforlove and get ready for a whole-lotta-love to enter your eyeballs!

We did a serious love vibration meditation this morning! 

Thank you all who made it live (and my apologizes for the technical glitches in the beginning)! 
If you were unable to attend live or want to watch it again because it felt so good, here you go:

All YOU need to do is listen and allow your heart to open. It's simple and profound. 

The time is now to turn up the volume of love in our hearts.

What can happen when we join together and turn up the volume of LOVE worldwide? 

This is how we find out!

Have you posted your pic yet?

Tag @istandforlove on Instagram or simple use #istandforlove to join in this powerful day!

My greatest wish is that all beings everywhere feel loved!

May the next generation inherit a world where love and compassion is the norm.

Thank you for being alive, precious soul that you are!

Thank you for joining me in this Love Revolution!