The Beauty Inside you

Hello Beautiful heart,

I've been trying to write some words of wisdom from my heart to yours (the key word here is "trying"). 

I started and stopped. It just wasn't coming out right.

I was thinking too hard for too many hours about life, the state of the world, business moves I'm making, and I wasn't doing myself any favors trying to force it. 

SO, I got up. 

I folded laundry, pet the dog, talked to a friend on the phone... and then I sat down again. 

When I finally put my fingers to the keyboard, I took a dep breath, closed my eyes and began to type the words in the subject line "the beauty inside you".

I instantly felt an A-Ha!  My shoulders relaxed.
I was listening. 

When I relaxed and listened to the whispers of my heart, here's what I heard...

That you, my dear, are beautiful. SO incredibly beautiful that you make the angels squint from your radiance. 

So beautiful and so rare that there is no comparison on Earth to YOU (or any other planet for that matter).

You are so beautiful from your hair follicles down to your pinky toes. 

The beauty that lives inside of you is stardust and moonbeams and droplets of ocean and rainbow colors and so much more.

It is deep and wide and full of ancient wisdom.

Your beauty is a power source for inspiration and genius.

Your beauty is unquantifiable, undeniable and eternally wild and free.

You are beautiful.

You are.


Thank you for being a beautiful human, alive in this moment with the unique vibration that only you carry.

Thank you for being born and thank you for living your life just exactly as you have and will in every moment of now.

I recognize your beauty for what it is. 

AND I bow to you my beautiful friend. 

Aaaah, I feel so much better letting it flow like that. Thank you for reading these words. 

Photo by Debbie Baxter

Photo by Debbie Baxter