Where's the Love?

Hello Gorgeous,

It's hard to believe it's been a month since "I Stand For Love" day.

So many people have shared with me how the day felt for them and I have to say there was a whole LOT of LOVE in the airwaves. 

I counted 13 countries represented. Go team!

Here's a little snippet:

"We are in Germany house sitting and I felt the Love coming up on the calendar. Last year I had my photo ready so I could participate. This year, I woke up and thought "I am going to find a heart today!" It was fun to come across a red heart at exactly the right moment, take a quick photo and post right away...Thank you for stepping up and inspiring so many people to take a chance and show their hearts! The world is better when it is in love." ~ Nila Ferrone

It's taken me a month to pull all of the images from facebook, instagram, emails, etc. and put them all together for you. 

This is no ordinary slide show. Every single one of these photos has a human being attached to it with a story. 

Each of these pics has a story of love, hope, purpose and meaning behind it. 

After going through all of the photos that were posted on August 8th, I'm once again moved, touched and delighted by the simple act of sharing our love on social media.

I invite you to take 7 whole minutes out of your life right now and feel this love vibration. 

Breath it into your heart. Sit back and enjoy!

Now share it with your peeps on social media, too. 

It's a powerful blast of love and what could be more awesome (and needed in the world) than that?

Thanks again to all who participated and wherever YOU are in this moment I want to thank you for being YOU!

We are all on our own journeys AND we are all in this together.

Here's to creating a more loving world for ourselves and generations to come!

I stand For love Sarah with signs.jpg