Brings me to tears

Hi Beautiful,

I have to share something with you today that completely melted my heart a few weeks ago. 

While I am still going through all the photos from ISFL Day (video montage coming soon!), I am now deep in the final details of 2017 calendar creation. 

For 14 years (!!!), I've been making the Life Is Beautiful and so are YOU! calendar and every year it's a magical ride. 

It shifts and changes depending on the energy of the upcoming year. 

You could say that I make the calendar for my own mental health. 

The daily messages help ME stay uplifted and inspired. 

I'm just so grateful that so many people have resonated with it over the years (over 25,000 calendars sold!!!),

SO here's the thing that melted my heart. I was actually having kind of a funky day when I received this amazing email. 


Checking in to let you know that your beautiful creations have sent a big o'l wave through my world.

In December 2013, I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and was at a clinic to get some holistic input on the situation. 

They had your calendar up in the office.  
I said, "Wow! this is great!"  So I wrote down your name and ordered one of your 2014 calendars when I got home.  

I put it next to the mirror in my bathroom, and every time I brushed my teeth or washed my hands or swished aloe vera juice during that entire year of treatments I got a small message of encouragement.

Your calendar was definitely a big part of the equation of embracing more love, and transforming to be non-compatible with 'cancering'.

Small persistent messages that the world of possibilities is right here all the time, just waiting for us to step into it.  

Your calendars are a daily reminder that this is a loving universe.

I still have your calendar next to the bathroom mirror, I still read it every morning. Your newsletter in my email inbox is like having a little dharma call and response, encouraging me to take time to be creative, to focus on being a love amplifier, and to keep the faith that despite all the crazy in this world we are the key to it all shifting. 

To be brave enough to be vulnerable, and that truly Art does save lives. 

Thank you for modeling and embracing your passionate, creative self so fully. It is such a great gift to me.  It helps me to prioritize making life more wonderful as the foundation, rather than what can get wedged in around the edges of a too busy life.  

Being a Sarah Love groupie has really taken my life to a higher, happier place.

Mucho Love,

iris sullivan daire
Astoria, Oregon


As you might imagine, I was a blubbering mess after reading those words. I just had to stop and take it all in. 

I wanted to share this with you because you might know someone going through something similar and there is a HUGE calendar sale going on right now. 

For $8.88 you can change someone's whole world!


This little calendar is full of BIG MAGIC!
It's 365 days of inspiration poured into a small but mighty package and the 2017 edition is now on sale NOW!

The Pre-sale price is good until September, 23rd when they go up to $12.95 each.

Grab yours HERE

Your friends and clients will feel so loved. Every single day.


It's with giant gratitude that I stay committed to this path of love and inspiration. Every order that comes in is like an affirmation for me to keep tapping into positivity, hope and the sheer power of love. AND to keep sharing it with YOU!

Thank you for being here. I hope your day is full of blessings and magic. 



photo by Debbie Baxter

photo by Debbie Baxter