How we take the steps..

Hello Love,

It feels like we are standing on a great precipice. 

We're living in a time of endings and beginnings, where thousands of years of 'norms' have become unsustainable (to put it mildly). 

Here we are. Facing great changes. 
Let's take a deep breath, shall we?

I'm thankful you are here in this moment. 
Your life is important. You are needed.

As promised, I want to share with you what I learned from taking part in the worldwide women's march last Saturday (and I have something really exciting to share, too).

It was medicine.

Meeting with girlfriends, talking about what it was we really wanted to express and then making signs together - that was inspiring in itself. 

I stand for love womens march


Then we woke up, put our boots on and took to the streets. 

There were so many people! So many children, too. 

The fact that it was extremely peaceful gave me hope. 

It means that people will be more inclined to keep showing up for things that they believe in and that is a very good thing. 

Womens march Portland Sarah Love

I marched with sisters and brothers, dressed up in hearts and love. 

I marched because I am a woman and women make up 50% of the world's population and have been treated like second class citizens (again putting it mildly) for far too long.

I marched because I believe that we don't just live in a country, we live in a world where we need to co-exist and heal and thrive together. 

I marched because I am privileged and there are so many who don't have it as good or as easy as I do. There are many whose voices are never heard. And I want a better life for them.

Along the way, I handed out red pipe cleaner hearts to spread a little more love and have that moment of connection when you hand something to a stranger.

I stand for love Womens March portland

As I marched, I thought about this force of women and men and the power of this day.

Worldwide something was happening. Something unifying and powerful.

It was BIG.

I was struck with the sense that a great big movement was truly underway.

 I felt grateful for that.

As I reflect now, I feel like we're just at the beginning of something that's been coming for many years. It didn't start with this election. It's been building for a very long time. 

I am grateful that this time is here and we are here together. 

I know it feels uncertain and I truly wish it didn't have to be so extreme. But humans are stubborn and we don't often make changes when things are easy. 
We need to get pushed pretty far to draw the line. 

Saturday's Women's march felt like we finally drew the line. 
And that feels good.

The question is, "Now what?".

For me, this is where I dig deeper and put my heart into it like never before. 

I know in my bones that what the world needs, what our communities need and what our families need is more caring and compassionate people. 

We need strong Love Warriors who are willing to look within themselves to find more kindness to balance out the great divide that we're seeing in our world. 

So I'm coming out with something new and I hope you jump on board with me.

Love Warrior Bootcamp is here! 

This is a 4 week online workshop where we'll go deep into what I've learned through 20+ years on the self-loving path. 

The world needs your loving heart now more than ever and I want to share everything I know about being a Love Warrior and how it applies to your own life.

Using the I Stand For Love Manifesto as our guide, we will completely upgrade your capacity for LOVE inside and out!

We'll rewire outdated programming and learn to BE more loving to ourselves.

This will be the foundation for creating a Love Revolution in your home, community and the world at large.  

Plus, I promise to make it FUN!

I want you to be the most loving, inspired, powerful YOU that you can be and this 4 week experience/experiment is my way to help create that.
I would LOVE to have YOU join me for the first ever
 Love Warrior Bootcamp

I'm making it super affordable ~ Regular price is $99 for this 4 week journey, but NOW until February 8th receive $20 off!

Find out more about it HERE

Taking a stand and declaring that you want to live in a more loving world is one of the most revolutionary acts you can do right now. 

You choose how you show up in each and every moment. 

I'd be honored to help you make those moments more loving so that we can leave a ripple effect of love for the future.

Thank you for being here and thank you for being alive in this powerful time of change.

photo by Debbie Baxter

photo by Debbie Baxter