Turning Inward {there's gold in there}

It's taken me so long to write this... The inward pull (not to mention the weight of the world) has been very strong. No doubt you're feeling it, too.

The question coming up is "How do we handle it all?".
The news, the emotions, the desire to help, the feeling helpless? 

How do we take care of ourselves in the midst of everything going on and also show up to assist and give aid?

The answer over and over is "We must turn inward".

Our culture makes it easier to look outside of ourselves for everything than to turn within. 

We compare, blame, fantasize and run ourselves ragged trying to 'fix' whatever ails us, when most often some quiet time and a slower pace could remedy a whole lot.

Searching within card.jpg

card by: Mario Duguay

It's the darkness we're afraid of, but there's truly nothing to fear. 

You are magic and star dust, fertile soil and god stuff all rolled into one. 

Going within is where the gold, YOUR gold, is waiting.

I'm not really talking about meditation and quieting your mind here (although, that's awesome and my personal practice is from Isha yoga). I am talking about living your life without the screen in your face. 

I'm talking about slow dinners and playtime with your kids and finding shapes in the clouds. 

I'm talking about your level of anxiety going down when you're listening to your favorite band and decide to have a spontaneous dance break around your living room.

I'm not talking about burying your head in the sand and pretending it's all roses.

I'm not talking about denial of the work that needs to be done for justice, love and truth to come forward in our society because we have TONS of work to do. 

What I am talking about is the fear and stress that rises when we are glued to the news and how that isn't helping anything or anyone at all.

Are you feeling me?

I'm talking about having the stamina and the hope in your heart to not only live your unique life, but be profoundly grateful for all that you have and then naturally allow the inspiration to bubble up from that place.

I'm also talking about grieving and raging and allowing the deeper emotions, the repressed feelings that are collectively and individually causing us all pain, to surface and move out of your body.

They don't need to be stuck there. That is where they can do some damage.

But when we're constantly distracted with incessant input,  how can we get to that most sacred and tender place?

Who you are is Limitless.JPG

I want to remind you that the whole purpose of you being here is to be who you are. 
Truly. That's it. 

But until you check in with yourself and turn off the crazy making, it's tough to remember that.

My invitation for us all is to take this time, this beautiful autumn and coming winter, to go within as much as possible. 

Don't be scared.

I'm here to remind you that you are loved no matter what perceived darkness you think is waiting for you there. 

I'm with you, doing my own work of diving deeper into knowing myself, finding the best ways I can live my life and help others too, and tapping a giant well of gratitude for it all. 

Some days are easier than others, but there's no other way I've found than to keep moving through it, try not to judge yourself (or compare!) and simply take it one day at a time. 

Think of the energy we can radiate if we were all a bit calmer and more loving inside.

That right there would change the world.

You are loved Sarah Love.JPG