Why do some things feel like they take forever?

Hi Love,

Do you ever feel like some things take waaaay too long?

Patience is not one of my virtues, if you know what I mean.

I want whatever 'it' is to happen like yesterday (maybe cuz I'm an Aries or I grew up in the 80s, who knows?).

Things like:

World peace
Justice for everyone
Total Self Love
Every creative project I've ever started

It's like they should just happen already. I mean, come on! 
Can't it be all easy and fun all the time? Why does it have to seem so hard and dark and crazy? Can't we all just seriously get along, already!? 

Part of my biggest struggle is accepting that no, no we can't. 
And that's ok. 

Because there is so much to learn in the hard parts and the waiting. Tons of gold nuggets and sacred tears in there. Heaps of soul searching richness and intimate connections created. 

The hardest and darkest stuff is the stuff that majorly shapes us and can heal us too.

But grrrrrrr... I'm really f-in impatient! I want to skip all the hard parts and get to the goods!

Gratitude postcard.jpg

My inner dialog goes like this, 
"Waaaaaaahh.. It doesn't make sense that we are not all the way to World Peace, yet!" "We should just be there already" (not to mention, it can feel like we are getting farther away from it everyday, but that's another email). 
"This is lame."

We can see the full potential that's there for the things we desire, right?

It's the action it takes to get there that can feel like moving through molasses. Plus the team work, the mess making and the fear facing that's usually involved in any worthwhile venture. 

I find in my own process that setting a deadline to actually make the thing happen helps a lot. Unless it's like dinner, than I just have to get hungry enough - same thing almost. 

Where am I going with all this? To a very happy conclusion. 
Thank goodness!

There's something dear to me that's felt like it's been taking soooooo long to create and it's finally super close to being completed!

Really quick back story:

Sarah Love and Lindsay Pera.JPG

3 years ago the one and only Lindsay Pera reached out to me about a project she was visioning up. I was an instant "YES". 

From there, we embarked on a journey of co-creating The Mystic Oracle Deck. 
With my magic and love weaving through the artwork for the cards and Lindsay's brilliant channelling, wisdom and love writing the book.

Since then, we've collaborated on lots of other projects, co-facilitated retreats, had a few wild adventures and built a super great working style along the way. 

She's become one of most my cherished mentors and close sister friends. I'm forever grateful, buuuuut the vision has taken so long to come into the world. 

The journey sure looked a lot different than we thought.

Both of us have had frustration that this card deck was so long in the making, but we also have very strong tendencies to read the signs, listen to our bodies and (even in the frustration) lean into trust. 

The time wasn't quite right until right now!

 Introducing The Mystic Oracle Deck!!!

A 44 card deck that holds wisdom from many cultures, geographies and influences. Weaving Tarot, Nature Connection, modern Mysticism and the lost arts, this deck invites us deeper into the knowing of our unique gifts within the collective.

Honoring sacred inquiry and the intersection of magic, love and creativity - each of the cards features a gorgeous multi-layered experience that blends themes, vibrant colors, and archetypal wisdom within its imagery to help guide you to the answers you seek. 

The accompanying Mystic Oracle guide book, offers a prism of insights including a description of each card's energy, its allies and inhibitors, and tools to support your experience.

YES, it's all that and more and it's now on pre-order special!

Grab yours right HERE and get in on the very first printing. 

3 years ago an idea was born. 

If we could have snapped our fingers and created it right then and there, it would lack ALL of the magic that has unfolded in that time. It would be a hallow version of what it was truly meant to be. 

But, I can't say that given that option I wouldn't have taken it.

What I'm really trying to say incase you need to hear it today is hang in there. Please. 

Even if it feels like it's taking forEVER to get out of that crappy job or make that big decision in your life OR create that really cool project you've been thinking about for years. Hang in there!

You've got to do the work, of course, but you also have to stick with it until it's ready. There's a dance to it. 

Impatience can be a good motivator. 

Part of me was finally so tired of waiting for the Mystic Oracle Deck because I wanted to use it in my own life. 
I wanted to hold it in my hands and ask sacred questions of it. 
I finally wanted it enough that I put my head down and created it.

We have to remember to be patient sometimes, don't we? 
Other times we have to get out there and make it happen. 

Just remember to be loving to yourself and others along the way and it will all be a lot more fun!


Sarah Love I stand for love 2017.JPG